Celebrate! A joining of lives, a new life, a life lived, any meaningful event you wish to honour - Humanist Officiants provide ceremonies that reflect secular values.

Being secular-minded doesn't mean giving up ceremonies as a means of marking the important occasions throughout one's life. The power of ceremony is in the gathering of people, the sharing of experience, and the recognition of a moment of transformation - from past to present to future.

Ceremonies that do not express our values, however, do not ring true. The Humanist Canada ceremonies program is dedicated to providing Humanist Officiants to create and perform weddings, baby-namings, funerals and other ceremonies to like-minded people who value reason, compassion, and human dignity without reliance of supernatural beliefs.

For more information, to find an Officiant, or to find out how to become a Humanist Officiant, click on the Ceremonies link on our home page.