What we do

HC promotes education and awareness of Humanism. We are a resource for secular groups and causes across Canada. We support the advancement of scientific, academic, medical, and human rights efforts.

We also recognize people who have fought for human rights and -secular freedoms through the Humanist of the Year Award. Past recipicients have been June Callwood, founder of Casey House, the world's first hospice for people with HIV/AIDS (2007, posthumous), and professor of bioethics and cognitive evolution, Dr. Christopher diCarlo (2008). 

The Humanist Officiant program

The first non-religious group to secure the right to have officiants licensed to perform weddings in Canada, HC maintains an Officiant training program and mentoring service. We train Humanists to perform weddings, funerals, namings, and other rites of passage for the secular community. Currently this service is limited to Ontario as the licensing of officiants is a provincial responsibility. However, we will be moving forward with plans to expand this service across Canada in 2011.